Leon LeGant is an accomplished clairvoyant psychic teacher with over three decades of knowledge. Leon specialties in helping people connect to their higher-self, release mental blocks and obstacles, and utilize their psychic abilities to the fullest. A worldwide traveler, Leon’s base of operation is in Las Vegas, Nevada. His hobbies include weight training, SCUBA, science fiction, and meditation.


The Psychic School

Executive DirectorJanuary 1, 2000 to Present

Founded in 2000 by Leon LeGant, the Psychic School provides clairvoyant training and development courses along with reading and healing services from home over the telephone and online.

Psychic Services by Leon LeGant

Psychic Reader and Spiritual Healer – January 1, 1995 to Present

Leon LeGant is a certified professional psychic clairvoyant with over 30 years experience in his field. Leon’s specialties include in-depth soul reading and powerful spiritual healing.


Graduate: The One to One Program

Intuitive Vision – July 2021 to December 2022

The One to One Program is an exploration of the spirit. Traveling between lifetimes, to a place called “the threshold”, one explores the transcended self, separating from earthly limitations, and beginning the process of ascension. One works on the genetic entity, the astral body, the chakras, the creative rings, the eighth chakra, and the soul memory banks. This is a unique and remarkable voyage for the advance clairvoyant looking to journey into the cosmic realms of spirit.

Graduate: The Trance Medium Program

Intuitive Vision – July 2016 to June 2021 

The Trance Medium Program is a 5-year program. With full awareness, this program explores expanded realms of consciousness, becoming more and more awake in the limitless, timeless, spaceless dimension of cosmic consciousness. One learns to consciously step out of the physical body, into the space of creation, working with ascended masters, and bringing back the wisdom of the soul to create real and lasting growth.

Graduate: The Clairvoyant Teachers Program

The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii – January 2000 to December 2004 

The Clairvoyant Teachers Program develops the crown chakras, an imperative tool for anyone looking to teach, lead, and be in their own power.  This training works to clear this chakra of pain, invalidation, and different types of energy that prevents one from accessing the jewels this chakra has to offer.   As one unravels these limitations, an enormous amount of space is created that enables the individual to tune in to their own highest octave of validation, certainty, growth and wisdom. 

Graduate: The Advance Readers Program

Aesclepion Healing Center – January 1998 to December 1999 

This is an intensive graduate reading program that powerfully shifts one’s life through the advancement of one’s clairvoyant reading and healing abilities . Students rapidly move through old layers of pain, awakening a true vision of one’s authentic self while connecting to one’s inner resources, strengths, freedoms, creativity and playfulness to manifest one’s most important life goals.

Graduate: The Clairvoyant Training Program

Berkeley Psychic Institute – January 1993 to December 1994 

The Clairvoyant Training Program is a one-year intensive offered exclusively to those who are committed to developing their psychic abilities and using their clairvoyance to live a spiritually centered life. The program provides the tools that allow you to create and implement a robust plan for long-term spiritual growth, awareness and understanding. Comprises classes, readings, counselings and workshops, all designed to help you get new insights into your own spiritual heritage.